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An Adult Cycle Training session will give you confidence and improve your cycle skills. You can do it by yourself or as part of a group. Each session is individually tailored to your needs.

Absolute beginners can learn to balance on a bike, develop handling skills in a safe off-road environment and use bikes for everyday journeys.

You may like to lose a few pounds but don’t want to go to the gym.  Perhaps you would like to ride a bike but feel the roads are too dangerous. but like the idea of riding a bike to work but don't know where to start.

You would love to go out with the kids, but feel too nervous to go out in public on a bike.

I can help:  I want to encourage families to ride together. How parents can teach their children to cycle safely, how you all can ride together safely whilst controlling your bikes. 

Cycling in traffic doesn't require nerves of steel, just a set of skills that anyone can learn. The right skills will make your journey easier, safer and less stressful. That's where Bikeability cycle training comes in.  It's just as relevant for existing cyclists as it is to those starting out. Using correct cycling techniques and controlling your bike correctly and confidently, can not only be fun, but safe as well.

We can plan safe routes to work or for other journeys, provide tailor made training courses for you to learn at your own pace.

I can accompanying you on your first journeys making that first step seem not so daunting. 

Adult lessons

It now costs 33p per mile, for 10,000 miles per annum in a small, new car. This includes the ‘fixed’ costs of almost £2000 per year, plus 13p per mile for other running costs. A bike costs approximately 5p per mile and is good for the environment.


"People will think I'm a bit of an oddball if I start turning up to their houses on a bike." Some might, but so what? Most people will probably admire you because you're doing something that's keeping you fit and healthy. And it's cheaper than driving and better for the environment. They might even start coming with you on leisure rides.

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